Choosing the best home improvements company for you

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Making changes to your home is not a decision you can make lightly, there are so many companies out there to choose from. Are the companies reputable? Can you see examples of their work? Is their work guaranteed? The questions can seem daunting. That is why when you come to picking a home improvements company you need to do your homework and check whether they offer the sort of services and products that are right for you. Below are our top tips on ensuring you pick the right company.


  1. Recommendations
    Who can you trust more than your family or friends? Ask around, have your family, friends, friends of friends, neighbours or co-workers recently had any work done? There is nothing better than first hand experiences and if they recommend a company, chances are they are going to trustworthy. Best of all its easy to pop round and see the job for yourself.An important thing to remember is not to just accept a recommendation alone, do they have more recommendations from happy customers? – Companies may have done a good job for one client and a bad one for another. Make sure you check out the company in more detail before you consider spending the amount of money that will be involved with the average home improvement, would you want to spend thousands based on a recommendation alone? – make sure you check if they have more testimonials from happy clients.


  1. FENSA registered or Accreditations
    Organisations such as FENSA (Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme) have been set up for the consumer and to help protect them against cowboy companies.  FENSA registered companies are continually reassessed which means hiring a company that is FENSA registered will give you a peace of mind that your works are being carried out by a trusted company.Trademarks on products are also a sign of a trusted company, they are not mandatory but they are definitely something to look out for when choosing the right home improvements company for you. Look for trademarks such as, Home Pro, Trust Mark and Fairtrades.


  1. Visit the showroom
    Using a local company is always beneficial because you do not have to travel far to visit their showroom and see their work for yourself. Once you visit the showroom, you may find it easier to decide if they are the right company for you. At the showroom you can meet with their team, view some of their work, look at the brochures and talk to a member of the design team directly about suitable options for your home. The feel of the showroom will give you a clearer idea about the company and whether or not they are right for you. A company that has their own showroom and displays a large array of their products generally will have more confidence in the quality of the products they are offering you, giving you piece of mind in knowing the standard of the products that you will receive.


  1. Get multiple quotes
    Making changes to your home isn’t a light hearted decision, it is something that you need to ensure you are 100 % happy with. That is why you are advised to get more than one quote from different home improvements companies, this way you get to compare prices, surveyors and overall service. Just remember that the cheapest quote is not necessarily the best quote for you, and if price is an issue you should look for companies that offer an offer of finance because a job badly carried out will cost you a lot more money to fix further down the line.
    Remember, all reputable companies will offer free no obligation quotes.


  1. Check the workforce
    Does the company use subcontractors? Or are all staff directly employed? Companies that do not subcontract give customers that extra peace of mind knowing that all staff have the correct accreditation and are directly affiliated with the company.


  1. Where are the products coming from?
    It is always a good idea to find out where the products are manufactured. Does the company themselves manufacture the products or are they purchased elsewhere. This will have a big influence on the time scale of the job, if the company manufacture the products there will be a shorter waiting period on materials needed for the job, therefore total completion time will be quicker.
    It is also vital to make sure all the products come with a guarantee- the lengthier the guarantee the better it is for you!


  1. Trust your intuition
    You can spend hours reading testimonials, checking websites, social media platforms and viewing pictures of jobs online from different companies but overall you should trust your instinct. If you have a bad feeling about a company, you will usually be right. If you like a company and what you see, you should go with your heart to ensure you get a job well done.


  1. Contracts & Agreements
    When you have chosen a company, before any of the work is started, check out what contracts and agreements they have in place for your particular job. A good contract is better than a verbal agreement and the contract should include:

    – A full list of works being undertaken
    – A description of the products that will be used
    – Clear terms and conditions on how the company works
    – A payment structure for receiving payments
    – Whether your project needs any planning permission or building regulation agreements

    Without knowing this information and having the necessary contracts signed and agreed you are relying completely upon memeory and are not covered in a point of law by a wriiten contract but soley a verbal agreement. we always advise for your protection, to clearly address this issue as this makes the works alot easier to refer to should there ever be any disputes between client and contractor. You will have much more security using a company that uses written contracts as this will prevent any hassle for you on the project further down the line.


Why Celsius Home Improvements could be the company for you

At Celsius 100% of customers who answered our satisfaction survey stated that they would recommend us to a friend. Celsius are FENSA registered and their products are all trade marked with Home Pro, Fair Trades and Trust Mark, to give customers that extra piece of mind when dealing with us.

If you are still unsure about which company you should choose, we suggest visiting our indoor showroom, which is the largest showroom in Merseyside. We are open 8am -6pm Monday to Friday 10am -2pm on Saturday and by appointment only on Sunday.

We offer free no obligation quotes, just speak to a member of our team and we will organise a surveyor to visit your home at a time suited to you.

Still unconvinced? Check out what our customers had to say here and feel free to give us a ring to speak to a member of our team on 0151 545 1400