What window colour is best for your home?

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Do you know what window colour is best for your home?

Choosing the right colour for your windows can be a task you may overlook, but colour can be one of the most important design aspects to your home. Picking the right colour can be the most dramatic and personal statement you can make in your home project.

How to choose the right colour

With a magnitude of different colours to choose from it is possible to be overwhelmed, so it is essential to understand what colours to choose. It would be better if you chose a colour scheme that you can enjoy for years to come so your colours should work in harmony with the rest of your home.

When choosing the right colour for your windows, you should be aware of the effect you’re trying to create. Choosing a neutral shade can give you great looking windows that work together with your property and compliment the tones of the building.

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If you have an older home and want to keep with the traditional look then you would just stay with the original colour palette, for example, Georgian homes tend to suit white frames.
If you feel like you want to choose a bolder colour for your windows you can make a statement and break up neutral tones. However, it would help if you thought carefully when doing this and should pick up on the property’s surroundings.nds a growing beyond what used to be ordinary, there is an increase in colours such as stylish pastels which create a sense of tranquillity in your home décor. Trends in 2018 have seen the rise in pastel shades so why not be a little bit bolder with your decision.

If brighter colours aren’t for you why not look at the ever growing in popularity Anthracite Grey. Grey is a colour that will work on many different styles, and with so many different shades to choose from each style can create its feeling. Lighter shades of grey can promote character and sophistication on period properties, whereas a darker grey will promote a modern and architectural feel.

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