Get Your Home Ready For Summer

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Is your home ready for summer?  You may be pre-occupied with holidays, festivals, BBQ’s and all other summer plans, but why not give your home a fresh summer glow and get your home ready for summer.

Giving your home a summer look should focus around having fresh, light and open spaces.  You don’t need huge renovations, but with the right creativity and changes, you can turn your home from a cosy winter fortress to an open, bright hospitable summer home.

Celsius Home Improvements have compiled 5 ideas to get your home ready for summer.

Bring the outdoors in

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Celsius Home Improvements supplied and installed windows and bi-folds at a property in Liverpool.

Spending as much time as possible outdoors is all we want to do in the summer months, and it’s easy to bring the outdoors in with a few adjustments to your home.

Patio doors or bi-fold doors can really help accentuate a light, airy feel and create seamless access between the outdoors and your home.  Not only do these doors look stylish they are perfect for hosting summer gatherings.  Even when closed and the weather isn’t so good you won’t sacrifice anything, with the large glass panes allowing the light to flood your home and create an un-obstructed view into your outdoor sanctuary.

If you aren’t thinking about this much of renovation or your budget doesn’t stretch that far then why not add some green.  By adding some easy to care for indoor plants and allowing nature to influence your home decoration you can really bring an element of summer inside. Take a look at some of the best indoor plants here.

This image shows a light blue composite door installed in Liverpool.Head to your nearest garden center and get choosing.

Get a colourful front door

A trend that we are seeing a lot more of recently is more and more people going for colourful front doors.  Choosing a front door can often be overlooked or brushed passed when thinking about freshening up your home, but the right front door can add style, freshness, curb appeal and fun to your home.

This idea offers a unique perspective on home décor, but it can really liven up your home.  Look at some of our options here.

Update your outdoor space

Summer is the time for socialising outdoors, so it goes without saying that you should have a well-kept outdoor space.  Create a welcoming and hospitable outdoor space that can be enjoyed by everyone.kitchen, design, installation, liverpool, celsius home improvements, extension, bi folds, doors  Summer is the perfect excuse to buy some new outdoor furniture or a new BBQ, but if you’re stuck for ideas look at an article we put together here.

Get rid of some clutter

Clutter can really weigh down your home, excessive mess laying around can make your space feel stuffy.  Why not freshen up your rooms with a de-clutter.  This is also a chance to purchase some seasonal products that can add something summery to your home.  Freshen up your bedsheets with lighter covers, put your winter pillows and blankets in storage and create a lighter space.

This image shows a new composite front door installed in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire by Celsius Home Improvements. The colour of the composite door is 'Very Berry'. Even re-arranging your furniture can change the feel of your home, push the sofas to the side to open your living area. Forget about the formal dining area.  Think laid back, eat at your breakfast bar or outdoors.  Nobody wants to be stuffy and confined on a bright sunny day so move the telly to one side and make your outdoor area a focal point.

Clearing some of your surfaces can make your home feel ready summer.  This also gives you a chance to purchase some natural accessories such as woven baskets that add a real summery feel and give you storage space without sacrificing a summer flair.

So, open the windows and let that warm summer breeze flow through your home.

Think about summer scents

This image shows a completed kitchen renovation along with living area and bi-folds in Formby, Merseyside, by Celsius Home Improvements.So, you now have your home looking ready for summer, it’s now time to get it smelling like summer.   When choosing a fragrance for your home its important to choose one that makes you feel happy. Choose a summer fragrance that matches your new look, think light, fresh and floral.  If you love the comfort of a candle or you prefer scented oils, summer scents can brighten up your mood. Get some summer scent ideas here.

Summer is the time to enjoy and love your home and put all that handwork to good use.  So, dust off the winter blues and enjoy a bright, fresh summer home.