Composite Doors

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Composite doors differ to UPVc doors. The door's skin is made from impact-resistant fibreglass (thermoset GRP - glass reinforced polyester). Detailed panel definition and lifelike wood grain effect is created by compression moulding that will not expand, contract, bow, warp or twist.

Design Your Own Door - style, colour, glazing and furniture

Composite doors are supplied from a choice of 20 styles and a large array of colours.With three finishes of door furniture, a choice of hardware options and attractive glass designs you will have the perfect entrance. Have a look at our range of traditional and contemporary designer doors HERE

Super Strong with Great Security

We test our doors to the very limit including extreme weather, serious attack and extremely over-enthusiastic visitors. Our combination of materials give you the very best in easy maintenance, strength, security and weather resistance.

At 44mm thick, our composite door is very much thicker than the 28mm of a conventional door. It's also very powerful thanks to its super-strong structure, high density and thermally efficient closed cell core.

With a structural frame and up-to-the-minute hardware, our Composite Doors are even more secure and it will look good for many years to come because of its through colour (GRP finish).

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The cold and draughts are kept out by a combination of brush strips, multiple weather gaskets and draft resistant interlocks between the panels.


A state-of-the-art multi-point locking system combined with an anti-lift design make our doors amongst the most secure in the marketplace.


Noise reduction figures are considerably improved by the clever use of different materials in the frame combine plus a range of architectural glazing options.


There is no need to repaint every few years as UPVc will never rot or rust. Simply wipe over every so often to keep them looking as good as new for years to come.


Each Door is manufactured to your exact specification with the colour and finish of your choice: White, Rosewood or Light Oak, along with a spectrum of coloured foil options including Grey, Cream or Black. You can also coordinate the inside and outside with a choice of two coloured finishes.


Our no quibble 10 year guarantees you for a faultlessly 10 year peroid. Every product that leaves our factory comes with a unique serial number that guarantees the doors at the property for the full term of the guarantee.

Have a look at our complete range of composite door styles


There's so many benefits to all our Composite Doors

If you chose French, sliding or patio doors you will open up your home to the fresh air and light! Let more of the great outdoors to your indoors.When closed they will give you the maximum security to keep you safe.

Whatever your individual requirements are, the style, colour and opening you choose will be unique to you.

Composite Door Construction

Laminated steel reinforcements criss-cross the door to give it real strength and there's additional protection for locks and hinges to keep the most determined thieves out. Heavy duty fibreglass skins are then bonded to the frame, to create a door that glides shut with a reassuring thud and is up to the most challenging conditions.