How to Add Value to Your Home

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Wanting to add value to your home is usually the main reason that a person would look to develop their home.  Working your way up the property ladder is an achievable goal, but you need to know how to maximise the value of where you live now.

The co-op insurance conducted a study in which it found that 60 percent of homeowners had added value to their property with renovations. As well as finding that people had typically spent £18,224 and seen a £14,900 profit.

Whether you are planning on selling or just looking to add long-term value by investing in your home, this article will cover the best ways to achieve this.

Garage conversion

A well-done garage conversion can potentially add 20% value increase to your property.  A lot of garages are left empty and unused meaning wasted space.  Converting your garage doesn’t have to cause a headache either, if it is attached to your property then converting to a habitable room shouldn’t cause an issue.  To find out more about converting your garage read here

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Kitchen Refurbishment

Kitchens are becoming the focal point of a lot of homes due to the popularity of open plan living, and a well-done kitchen refurbishment can add up to 6% value increase.  When updating your kitchen, it’s essential to keep expense in proportion to the size value of your property.  A clean looking kitchen is necessary both to buyers and valuation surveyors. When revamping your kitchen, there are fundamentals to consider such as shape and position.  You may also decide to make structural changes, or you may relocate it.  However, you can make a big difference to your kitchen by making modest changes to the fixtures and fittings.  New doors and handles and other soft touches can make a massive difference to your existing kitchen as well as energy efficient appliances. Head to our kitchen page here for inspiration for your home.

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Conservatory / Orangery

Extending your living space is always a good idea if you have that opportunity. A conservatory or orangery can be an excellent way to achieve this if done well. This means making sure that they are proportionate to your home and matches the style. You don’t want the build to look separate to the rest of your home. At Celsius, we always give the best advice on what’s right for your property. We can deliver bespoke designs to enhance your property.  An orangery can also offer a fantastic alternative to the traditional conservatory. The additional use of brick built pillars means an orangery has a feeling of an extension at a fraction of the price. Allowing glass windows and roof to give an airy and bright feel to your home.  Read more about Celsius’ Conservatory and Orangery installations here.

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New Bathroom

Redeveloping or adding a new bathroom to your property is usually a good investment. A new bathroom can add 2.88% value to your home.  To get the most out of a new bathroom creating an ensuite is the best option. However, you can also remodel existing space. Ideally, there should be a toilet facility on every floor that has bedrooms. Therefore, if you are converting the attic, try to include a toilet, if not a full bathroom.

Keeping the existing layout of a property can be an excellent way to keep costs down when updating your bathroom.  Moving sanitaryware could mean relocating soil pipes and so forth which can become expensive. A bathroom doesn’t need an awful lot doing to increase value on your property. It can be more about the features that you put in. You can make a considerable difference with a set of new taps, a big shower head and power shower, a glass screen or door.

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When deciding to extend your home, you can add a few rooms or extend existing living space.  Your extension can differ from adding extra square feet to your home to make an open plan living area. You can also undertake a much more significant project like second-storey addition. An extension can potentially add up to 10% value to your property. To reach its full potential your build will need designing carefully so that the new space is integrated well with the original home.

During the planning process of any extension, you want to develop the rooms to be as big as possible, without sacrificing too much of the outdoor space. Our experienced team at Celsius can make the design stage as comfortable as possible. Read our pages here for more information.  The most critical process for any extension is choosing the right people to do it. Read our comprehensive guide for selecting the right building company here to make your decision streamlined.

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Loft Conversion

A safe investment for your home and one that can be carried out relatively easily requiring the layout of your home suits is a loft conversion.  Converting your loft can be the easiest way to add an extra bedroom in your home and depending on the size of the space possibly an extra bathroom, which can add up to 10% value. For more information read our loft conversion page.

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Replace windows

Replacing your windows with the most energy efficient and up to date windows available can be seen as essential to add value to your property, although thermal efficiency is significant, in higher valued features you will need to address the aesthetics of your windows.  Look at the vast range of windows that Celsius offer here.

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