Casement Windows

windows-casement-windowsUPVc Windows help make your home warmer thus save money on heating costs and they also lessen the outside noise.

It is so easy to replace your existing windows from the wide range of casement windows styles we have to offer. Finding a style to complement your home and within your budget will be simple. All our UPVc windows are manufactured to the highest standards and are environmentally friendly. They also come with an 'A' energy rating as standard, which will reduce heat loss by up to 30% saving you on fuel costs.

Celsius gives you peace of mind

Not only do our windows have the best security specification on the market they are thermally dynamic. You can therefore be relaxed and assured in the knowledge that your property and possessions are protected when you're out or away from home. The multipoint locking mechanisms on all our modern doors and windows and are internally beaded to prevent them from being forcibly opened.

Once you have decided to book a free consultation, one of our expert and friendly advisers will listen carefully to your requirements and answer the questions you may have.

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UPVC Window - Colours

Celsius offer a range of colours to suit any home - take a look at the range below

White / White (White Base)

Rosewood / Rosewood (Brown Base)

Rosewood / White PVC-U (White Base)

Light Oak / Light Oak (Tan Base)

Light Oak / White PVC-U (White Base)

Anthricite Grey / White PVC-U (White Base)

Black Brown / White PVC-U (White Base)

Chartwell Green / White PVC-U (White Base)

Irish Oak / White PVC-U (White Base)

Cream / Cream (Cream Base)

An Teak / White PVC-U (White Base)

English Oak / White PVC-U (White Base)



Our new warmest ever windows offer an A+12 rating on double glazing - making them the ideal choice for energy efficiencY


A state-of-the-art multi-point locking system combined with an anti-lift design make our windows amongst the most secure in the marketplace.


Noise reduction figures are considerably improved by the clever use of different materials in the frame combine plus a range of architectural glazing options.


There is no need to repaint every few years as UPVc will never rot or rust. Simply wipe over every so often to keep them looking as good as new for years to come.


Each window is manufactured to your exact specification with the colour and finish of your choice: White, Rosewood or Light Oak, along with a spectrum of coloured foil options including Grey, Cream or Black. You can also coordinate the inside and outside with a choice of two coloured finishes.


Our no quibble 10 year guarantees you for a faultlessly 10 year peroid. Every product that leaves our factory comes with a unique serial number that guarantees the window at the property for the full term of the guarantee.


Engineered to be greener

A number of factors influence the energy efficiency of a window. These include the profile system and the specification of the sealed unit. Windows are rated from A (no heat loss at all) through to G, the window Energy Rating label allows you to see, at a glance, how energy efficient a window is. Building regulations require that a window rated at C or above must be installed.

By using recycled PVC-U reinforcements instead of steel, wherever possible, we reduce our demands on natural resources, achieve better insulation and create a product that's actually stronger!