Optima Windows for your Home

Fully installed optima windows Liverpool

It’s important to have as much product knowledge as possible before making a purchase such as windows. That’s why we have compiled an in-depth article to help you learn about Celsius Home Improvements range of Optima windows. 

Why Optima windows?

Celsius’ Optima windows are some of the most energy-efficient 70mm systems available.  The components and options allow the fabrication of windows that perform to the best quality.  Celsius can cater to all customer needs; triple glazed frames are available if you require the highest level of insulation.  However, if you are on a budget, you can still get excellent insulation without breaking the bank.  Our windows work at the top end of the energy efficiency scale, and they can reach the latest A++ WERs and an excellent U-value of just 0.8 W/m2K.

Celsius’ Optima windows are the ideal system.  They are produced using state of the art equipment and tooling to guarantee exceptional quality and high environmental standards.

Our windows can achieve a 0.8 U-value as well as being well insulated.  We have such high performing windows due to having more chambers which gives a much better thermal performance.  An extensive range of cills, baypoles, accessories and packers give our windows better ancillaries.  Our Optima windows have the best range of choice on the market giving you more ways to offer affordable and energy efficient windows.

What makes Optima windows better?

    • Deeper drainage channels carry water away quickly improving weather performance.
    • A central Eurogroove gives superior security and strength.
    • Deep add-on legs allow increased tolerance during frame installation.
    • Strategic, local wall thickening for better screw and hardware retention.
    • Secure bead system passes security tests without glazing clips and is ready for proposed enhancements to PAS24.
  • 10mm overlap for improved weatherability.
  • Narrower frame for more light and improved solar gain.
  • Can achieve U-values of up to 0.8, and WERs of A++.

Celsius’ windows are ideal for replacement windows, new windows, self-builds and commercial applications.  Contact us today for a free no obligation quote.