The Best Front Door For Your Home

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There are many options to consider when choosing a front door that is perfect for your home. Take a look at what you need to know to help you make the right decision.

Your front door will remarkably alter the appearance of your home.  Meaning that with some consideration and planning you can make your home stand out at first sight.  You may consider other options to make your home aesthetically pleasing.  But, when the front door is the first thing that you and visitors see. Why wouldn’t you want to make it a statement piece?

You can choose from a vast array of different colours, styles and hardware configurations to make your dream door a reality.

Pick your Material

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When choosing your door, you want to pick the best material to suit your needs.  Selecting the right material is probably the most integral part of the whole decision-making process.  You could consider a timber door; however, this would require some maintenance. You would also have to be aware of how open it was to the elements and whether it will withstand water ingress.

One of the most popular and stylish looking front doors are composite doors.  With a composite front door, you can improve the beauty of your home with an exterior door that combines the aesthetics of timber with all the benefits of modern materials.  Our composite doors provide class-leading security and insulation standards, in a made-to-measure package that’s virtually maintenance-free.  You can completely personalise your doors with a massive range of styles, glazing options and design details.  Making your entry will look sensational for years to come. Unlike timber doors, Composite requires no rubbing down, painting or varnishing. They won’t swell, warp or rot, whatever the conditions. They’re also highly resistant to dents and scratches, so they’ll look every bit as good in 5 or even ten years’ time.

upvc doors allertonAlternatively, you could choose a uPVC front door.  Although a Composite is the better option uPVC doors tend to be cheaper, however, if you can afford to pay that extra money composite doors should be the option for you to choose.

Pick your style

Making the most of your front door often comes down to pairing it with the style of your home.  Meaning that if your house is a more of a modern style, more times than not a contemporary style door will suit your house best.

Most doors are in two categories:

  • Contemporary / Modern
  • Traditional

The best advice on choosing a style may seem obvious but keeping it in conjunction with your home is key to get the most out of your product.

Pick your colour

Composite doors can be painted in most colours to suit your specification.  Timber doors can also be very versatile when it comes to colour and finishes, and you can play around to satisfy your need depending on the type of wood that you use.

Aluminium doors are slightly more limited on colour but not as much uPVC which tend to be only available in white and most suited to a tight budget.

Pick your hardware

When picking a front door, you can customise it to suit your style with the introduction of hardware.

There is a massive array of choice to create a door that is individual to your style.  From the handles to the letterbox you have the option to accessorise your product.  Types of hardware you can purchase for your door include;

  • Lever handles
  • Knockers
  • Pull bars
  • Letterboxes
  • Spy holes
  • Letters and numbers

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It’s important to know how much you want to spend when looking to purchase your front door.  Of course, the more you spend usually reflects on the quality of a product. However, you shouldn’t have to pay the earth to get a good quality front door.  You can pick up a front door off the shelf for cheap, but you aren’t guaranteed the sufficient insulation nor security to what you would when purchasing from a specialist company.  When buying your door though you should always make sure that the company offers a robust 10-year guarantee, which Celsius Home Improvements provides.

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