Top Tips For Extending Your Home

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Deciding whether to extend your home can be a hard decision to make, so we have compiled a selection of top tips for extending your home that can help you with your decision.
There can be many reasons why you are considering moving properties; a growing family can begin to restrict your living space, you could have that itch for change that no new colour of paint can satisfy. But uprooting and leaving memories built in your home can be challenging to do, so why not consider extending?

Why extend

Extending your home can be a decision that requires a lot of thinking and discussion with your partner, so we have compiled some reasons as to why you would consider extending.

  • Loving the area where you live.
  • Being close to what matters to you.
  • Adoring the house where you live in and not wanting to uproot.
  • Full design control over your dream home. The usual reason for extending or moving is to gain more space, but by extending your home, you are in control of the area you create at the design stage.
  • Add value without overcapitalizing. Your extension will undoubtedly add value to your property. The increase in cost will of course vary depending on the number, size and use of the additional rooms but a well designed and built addition will increase the price of the property even further.
  • Although extending your property can cause some upheaval to your living situation it can be somewhat cheaper than moving, and you can add value by shaping your family home to the dream you envisioned.

What to consider

There are many different things to consider once you have decided to extend your home, from permissions and regulations to styles of extensions.  Read below to see what factors you need to think of when determining the decision to develop your home.

  • Planning permission – You can undertake some extension projects without the need for planning permission, such as a rear wall of a detached house can be extended by 8m to the rear if it is a single storey property, and 3m if it is a double storey. If you live in a semi or terraced property, it can be reduced to 6m.  There are also height restrictions to this: a single storey extension cannot be higher than 4m in height to the ridge and the roof space, and ridge heights of any extension can’t be higher than the existing property.  For a double storey extension, it mustn’t be closer than 7m to the rear boundary.  Check our page here for more information.
  • Extension style – When designing your extension there are many ways you can do it, depending on how much space you have and how you want to utilise it. Look below at different extensions you can add to your property.

Double Storey

A double storey extension can be a fantastic way to transform your home.  This style of extension is great for increasing living space and bedroom accommodation at the same time. If your home is too small for your family, a double storey extension could be best for you. Click here for more information.

Single Storey

If you are thinking of building a single storey extension, then this can be the ideal way to transform your space into a better lifestyle decision.  There are different styles of single-storey extensions such as an Orangery or a lean-to extension that can renovate your home and give you the space you need. A single storey extension can add benefits to your property in the way of flooding interiors with natural light by adding roof lanterns and bi-fold doors. Read more here.


You don’t have to extend your property to create more space, consider a transformation of unused space to form the house you desire.  Convert your wasted loft space into a brand-new bedroom and bathroom, or your basement into a new area of peace and tranquillity or even turn your garage into the designer kitchen you always wanted.  Not only does professionally installed conversion make a great addition to your house but it will add value and comfort without the stresses of moving.

Whatever you want to transform your home Celsius will be with you every step of the way to make your decision as streamlined as possible. Click here to contact Celsius today and speak with our friendly team to find out more.