Questions about orangeries?

In this section we will cover a whole range of frequently asked questions about orangeries

What orangery styles do you offer?

Why can't I
get a quote

How long does it take to build an orangery?

Do Orangeries need planning permission?

What about electrics, paint, tiling?

What orangery styles do you offer?

Celsius Home Improvements can design and build orangeries to suit any home

Orangery Styles

Orangeries can be built to any specification you require and can come in all shapes and sizes. An orangery uses brick pillars to create the shape and main strength of the construction. This creates a structure that uses less glass than a traditional conservatory but still allows a large amount of light into the space.

The structure and base of the orangery can be created in the same way as a traditional conservatory to give a large range of shape options. These include:

  • Edwardian style (square corners)
  • Victorian style (angled corners)
  • P-Shaped
  • T-Shaped
  • L-Shaped or Corner Style
  • Orangery examples

    Why can't I get a quote on-line?

    We'll tell you how we price an orangery project and how you can get a quote

    Getting a quote

    Getting an orangery or conservatory for your home is a major investment. Every home is different and you may have strong ideas on what you would like for your particular Orangery.

    Every quote we produce is bespoke, we consider the style and size of the orangery, the bricks that will be used, the colour of the window frames, the hardware options such as handles and lighting and whether you need extra elements such as plastering, painting & decorating or tiling. That is why we cannot provide a quote on-line, we arrange for a surveyor to come to your home and review your requirements and then provide a quote that applies to your particular project.

    When can I receive a quote? After the surveyor has visited your home, we allow 2-5 days to provide a quote to you. This is dependent on the size and specification of the Orangery. Once our quote is complete we will call you with the quote and provide you with a hard copy to give you time to review the price.

    Celsius Home Improvements understands that people have busy working lives and cannot always be available to see a surveyor during the daytime. That's why we are flexible in our approach and we can arrange a surveyor to come to your home at a time and date that suits you, whether that is in the evening or a weekend just let us know what you require and we'll work around you.

    How long does it take to build an Orangery?

    Celsius Home Improvements manufacture and install all our orangeries


    Celsius Home Improvements - manufacture all our conservatories and orangeries. The time for manufacture can vary depending on the amount of projects we have running at any one time. Our aim is to provide you with your Orangery in the quickest time possible.

    Project Start-to-Finish installation - The installation time for the average Orangery is between 3-5 weeks depending on the size and complexity of the orangery. We would recommend allowing for this amount of time for the completion of your orangery project.

    If you are looking to get an orangery project completed quickly then please contact our team on 0151 545 1400

    Do Orangeries need planning permission?

    Here we'll give you our advice on what planning permission is needed for your orangery

    Planning Permission

    Many orangeries are exempt of planning permission, but depending on the criteria of your orangery, you may need planning permission. There a few factors to consider before planning permission would be required, these can include the size and height of the proposed orangery and where it is situated, i.e at the rear or side of your property.

    Celsius Home Improvements are experts in planning your Orangery and take the hassle away from you. We will let you know if planning permission is required when we survey your home and obtain it for you if it is needed.

    The Celsius Team would discuss the requirements for planning permission and building regulations during our initial visit with you. To arrange an appointment, please contact the Celsius Team on 0151 545 1400

    What about electrics, paint, tiling?

    Celsius Home Improvements will take care of everything

    Completing the Orangery

    At Celsius we make sure that your finished Orangery is ready to use at the end of the project by including a choice of finishes in our quotes. Many companies will give you a price on an Orangery and leave you to arrange the extra things such as plastering, decorating and electrics for yourself. Their price includes building the Orangery only i.e the bricks and windows/glazing of the structure.

    Celsius Home Improvements can complete the entire project from start to finish using our trained and expert staff. All our tradesmen are employed by the company which means we do not use any sub-contractors for any of our work. Our orangery quotes can include everything you need to complete the project, including:

  • Lighting
  • Plastering & Tiling
  • Painting & Decorating
  • Electrics
  • Heating

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    If you do have any questions that you would like answering. Please call the Celsius Team on
    0151 545 1400



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