Conservatory Roof Replacements - Solid Roof Conservatories?

In this section we will cover a whole range of frequently asked questions about conservatory roof systems

Conservatory roof replacement

Solid Roof on new conservatories

All the conservatory roof options

Conservatory Roof Replacement?

Celsius Home Improvements can transform your old conservatory with a solid roof replacement

Replacing a conservatory roof

If you have an existing conservatory, you may find that it is cold in winter and too warm in summer. You may also have had an older-style polycarbonate roofing system on the conservatory which can start to lose it's looks after a number of years. Glass roof conservatories can also act like a greenhouse in summer and face condensation problems during the winter.

Rather than replace your whole conservatory, it's worth while considering replacing the roofing system for a solid roof. There are several advantages of having a solid roof system on your conservatory these include:

  • aesthetically - they look good and will bring your existing conservatory back to life
  • The roofing system will help to save energy,they have a U-value of 0.18 so there will be less energy being wasted through the room.
  • Year round use of your space
  • Dramatically reduces the noise of rainfall on your conservatory
  • Increases the value of your home

  • If you would like to know more about the Guardian Roof System we use then please contact the Celsius Team on 0151 545 1400

    Choosing a solid roof for your new conservatory?

    The benefits of choosing a solid roof

    Guardian Roof System on a new conservatory

    If you are planning a new conservatory or extension to your home. The Guardian Solid Roof System is a great choice. Research has found that a solid roof conservatory adds more value to your home than a traditional polycarbonate or glass roof alternative.

    The Guardian Roof System is based on an insulated lightweight tiled roof that is not only beautiful but it will keep your room at an ambient temperature all year round.

    Along with better energy efficiency, the roof system offers a range of finishes for the inside of the room. You could choose from a plaster finish or have a wood-effect UPVc lining for the roof. There's also a choice of finishing touches such as the lighting within the roof system to create the brighter, warmer and more beautiful conservatory of your dreams.

    You can also choose to have a roof window installed to increase the amount of light into the conservatory. The system can also be used on other areas of your home, for example we have used the Guardian Roof System on several of our front porch projects.

    If you would like to include a solid roof on your new conservatory or extension then please discuss this with the Celsius Team on 0151 545 1400

    All conservatory roof options

    Celsius Home Improvements manufacture and install all our conservatories

    Polycarbonate Roof

    Polycarbonate Roof - this system is the the cheapest option for your new conservatory but does not offer the same benefits of a glass or solid roof option.

    Pro's -

  • Cheap
  • Lightweight
  • Let's plenty of light into the space

  • Con's -

  • Not the easiest to maintain
  • Can be damaged more easily than glass or a solid roof
  • Noisy in wet conditions
  • Not as energy efficient as glass or solid roof
  • Glass Roof

    Glass Roof - this system is the most popular at the moment. It can be fitted with energy efficient double or triple glazing to give you more benefits than a polycarbonate roof

    Pro's -

  • Double & Triple glazing available
  • Easier to maintain than a polycarbonate roof
  • Lets in the most amount of light available
  • Aesthetically more appealing than polycarbonate

    Con's -

  • Less energy efficient than solid roof
  • Noise can still be an issue from rainfall
  • Not easy to maintain constant temperature (hot in summer, cold in winter)
  • More expensive than polycarbonate
  • Solid Roof

    Solid Roof - this system has a number of advantages over both glass and polycarbonate and can be used on either a new conservatory or fitted to an older conservatory.

    Pro's -

  • Very energy efficient
  • Easiest system to maintain for a conservatory
  • Allows the room to be used all year round more easily
  • Can add value to your home
  • Noise from rainfall is greatly reduced
  • Interior is improved with finishes & lighting

  • Con's -
  • Doesn't allow as much light as poly/glass
  • Slightly more expensive than glass
  • Restricted views compared with a glass roof

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